With the gyms being closed right now and the temptation of eating more during the holiday season, It was a good time to encourage you to stay active. Sometimes it seems like spending time snacking is easier than getting a workout in. The gym being closed, along with the colder weather, could easily be an excuse to ease up on activity.

Our house had to get creative in staying active right now. With the restrictions of limiting interactions with others, even with outdoor activities, along with the gyms not being open, we have needed to shift our normal activity approach! We made a little workout station in our basement to create a dedicated workout space indoors.

Home Gym Setup

Although we have some workout equipment, we decided to add a stationary bike to our home gym. Sometimes we’ll go down for a short time, even twenty minutes, to get a spin session in on the bike. There are a lot of free workout classes on YouTube to take advantage of, without spending extra money on an online class subscription.

We also have a couple free weights and a bench to do some light weightlifting. I like to do more reps of lower weights to help with strength training. This is also a way to get a good workout in when you don’t have heavier weights available. I also like to do a circuit of lifting, so I constantly move from one activity to another to keep my heart rate up. By continuously moving, I am getting a cardio workout in, too.

How could you incorporate a workout station in your home? Purchasing new equipment is not necessary. Use what you have on hand or modify the workout you find free online. The point is, even with the restrictions in place, and the tempting holiday goodies, you can still stay active.

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