This week’s blog posts will continue to focus on nutrition and in particular, oils. In the last few posts we have covered breakfast, vegetables, and how to add in more quality snacks. If you missed those posts, I recommend checking them out! Feel free to leave your thoughts and add to the discussion.  

Let’s move on to oils. These can be used in many different ways for cooking, or just used for a dressing on salads. Not all cooking oils are created equal and some are definitely better than others.  

Different Temperatures

One thing that I learned about oils is that some are better for high heat and some are better for low heat, or room temperature. A smoke point is the temperature when an oil will start to smoke and break down, cause it to lose its nutritional value, and change the flavor. If a low temperature oil, such as olive oil, is cooked at a high heat, it can cause it to become rancid. NOT GOOD! Coconut, avocado, and sesame oil are healthier oils to use at medium-high heat that won’t turn rancid. Olive oil is a great option to use at low-medium heat, or just used at room temperature. Oils with a low smoking point, such as pumpkinseed, walnut and flaxseed, are great for salad dressings and dips.  

Here’s a link from the Mayo clinic that helps break different oils down. I personally don’t recommend corn, canola, or vegetable oil for any cooking. We use a lot of avocado and olive oil in our house.  

Have you experienced oils becoming rancid? What are your favorites to use? Comment below!  

Hopefully you found the information helpful. And if you find yourself with a stiff neck, or ever needing chiropractic services. I encourage you to call me or schedule an appointment at the clinic!