We are all thankful that the days of “Stay at Home Orders” have expired. But often we can take positives from negative situations. All things considered I wanted to share some of my thoughts about what I learned on a Facebook Live, and wanted to share these insights on my blog.  


10. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated – especially with activities. We have been able to slow down a bit and make things less complicated with our family scheduled. I think life was meant to be simpler, and we are practicing that.  

9. I’m not my kid’s best teacher. I give myself a solid “C” for Stay at Home. We definitely need our teachers and education system, and I’m grateful for all the educators who are still working hard to help support the parents at home.  

8. Breathing in a mask during my workday is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m often out of breath during the day, and definitely dehydrated because I’m not drinking as much water as usual. Thank you to the health care workers who are wearing masks throughout the day. It’s not easy. I feel very tired at the end of the day.  

7. Commutes are much easier when less people are going in to work. I’ve spent considerably less time in my car, to-and-from work. Although, this also means I have less “me time” in the car where I spend prepping for my day, so I have had to adjust a bit. Also, the shorter drives are great.  

6. Humans are good at adapting to their current situation. Also, it’s amazing to see how people have been adapting: possible loss of jobs or job location changes, adapting to children being home, being teachers of children. Humans are incredible! Think of all the things we have overcome throughout time. Keep making positive choices and adapting.  

5. Another key point is finding new routines and patterns. I have had to reflect on my patterns to see what still works and what needs to adapt. Being home more I have also had to work to keep the old routines that are healthy, even though it is more work.  

4. Needing to be intentional about things and spending time with people. I don’t think I’m alone in being distracted by things at home, like my phone notifications and responding to things that I might not need to address immediately. This causes me to miss out on opportunities with my wife, or kids, or neighbors. I’m trying to be intentional to be present and focused.  

3. Life is about simple joys. This is a hard truth and it’s easy to get caught up in all the craziness and big moments. The little things are what makes life: a simple run, a hug, a smile, a great conversation, beautiful weather.   

2. It is good to pause. As a result I am learning to slow down. Even prior to COVID-19, I have noticed patients being more stressed and moving at a faster pace than ever before. In my line of work, I get an opportunity to talk with many people, from many walks of life, and it seems lots of people are stressed out. It doesn’t have to be this way.  

1.People and relationships are number one. Above all, when you take away the activities, events, and other things that we have had to omit during Stay at Home, it makes it clear how important relationships are. Life is truly about the people who matter in your life. ​