It’s time to go over more stretching! But first, have you been practicing the stretches we discussed in previous weeks Hopefully the answer is yes because this week we are going over the doorway stretch.  

WHAT does it do? The doorway stretch is a great stretch for the chest, and front of the shoulder.  

WHY should I stretch it? Poor posture causes the body to slouch forward often times increasing tightness in the chest, which then increases stress to the middle back, or can even lead to shoulder problems. It is often an easy stretch to incorporate into the day since doorways are all over and it is easy to do. There are many benefits to incorporating this stretch to your daily routine.  

  • Shoulder, neck, and back pain relief.  
  • Improved shoulder and chest motion.  
  • Improved breathing and blood flow.  
  • Decreased stress and tension.  
  • Improved posture and anti-aging.  

​HOW do I stretch it? Here is how I teach this stretch:  

Place hands on the sides of the doorway about head level, or whatever height is comfortable.  Hold for 10-15 seconds.  Repeat 3 times, 1-3x per day.   

If the stretch causes any pain or tingling, decrease stretching tension until it is only a pull. If pain persists, stop the stretch.  

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