Let’s focus this week on the groin and hip adductors stretching. Whether you run, bike, or are just active, my tip is to walk after exercise until you feel like your legs are back (you are walking normal again) and your heart rate is down.  After a cool down is a great time to spend a few minutes stretching the major muscles groups in your legs. Many people skip stretching, and I hope to inform you why it’s so important. Read on! 

WHAT does it do? Stretches the groin, or inner thigh, muscles that support balance and alignment.   

WHY should I stretch it? The groin muscles help to pull the legs together and help stabilize the hip joint. If they become too tight it can lead to discomfort around the thighs, or can cause pain in the hip, knee or low back. Groin strains can happen when your muscles are tight, or you don’t warm up when exercising. There are many benefits to taking time for this stretch: 

  • ease muscle tension in your legs and groin. 
  • improve flexibility. 
  • increase your leg muscles’ range of motion. 
  • prevent muscle strains, tears, and other injuries. 
  • help reduce post-workout aches and pains. 
  • boost your athletic performance. 

HOW do I stretch it? There is more than one way to stretch these muscles, but I like this one as it is easy to do after a run and I don’t have to sit on the ground. Here is how I teach these stretches:  

Stand up, spread legs wide apart as if you are doing a side lunge, and lean to one side. Repeat going to the other side until you feel a pain free and comfortable stretch.  

Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds.  

Repeat each stretch 3 times, 1-3 times per day.   

If the stretch causes any pain, decrease stretching tension until it is only a pull. If pain persists, stop the stretch.  

​Do you have a preferred Groin and Hip Adductors stretch?