Helping You
Get Better

Helping You
Get Better

Let’s work together to achieve your health and wellness goals

There’s real freedom in having the ability to be active. At Ultimate Health Chiropractic, our mission is to help our clients get and stay well, from a reactive approach that treats pain to one that proactively maintains an already healthy body. 

Dr. Chad Koterba will listen to your goals and concerns, and design a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. He will also take the time to explain your condition, if appropriate, and help decide if chiropractic care is right for you. 

Our job is not just to eliminate your symptoms, but to correct the cause of the problem. We’ll also provide ideas on how to prevent the problem from returning.  

If it is determined that your condition is something that cannot be treated with chiropractic care, we will guide you to the help you need. Our staff will strive to make your experience with us an exceptional one, from start to finish. 

Our Chiropractic Approach:

Our treatment plans use chiropractic adjustments to improve joint motion, stimulate improved nerve activity, and also treat the soft tissue using deep tissue work (myofascial release/Gua Sha tools/trigger point therapy) to relieve muscle tension.  

In order to design a personalized treatment plan that will have you feeling your best, it’s important that we get to know you as a person. Treating your injury is only one step in helping you achieve better health. We analyze your lifestyle and identify areas of improvement to prevent injuries from reoccurring. This can include postural ergonomics, exercise programs, stretching/strengthening programs, stress management, and nutrition. 

Dr. Chad Koterba, Chiropractor, Certified Athletic Trainer

For those of you wondering, Koterba is pronounced (cot-er-ba).

Chad Koterba, DC

Born and raised in Minnetonka, MN, Dr. Chad received his Bachelor of Science degree at Winona State University and majored in Exercise Science: Athletic Training. He worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer for three years at Gundersen Lutheran Sports Medicine Clinic, and in a chiropractic clinic in LaCrosse, WI, for almost five years.  

He covered a wide variety of sporting events at the sports medicine clinic, helping treat and evaluate athletic injuries. These sporting events gave him the opportunity to work with athletes ages five to 25. While working in the chiropractic clinic he performed overall patient care, designed stretching and strengthening programs, and supervised patient rehabilitation in a SwimEx therapy pool.  

He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2011 and opened Ultimate Health Chiropractic the following year. Licensed in the State of Minnesota as a chiropractor with a Certificate of Qualification in Chiropractic Radiology, Dr. Chad enjoys nothing more than helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

He and his wife Lindsey have two daughters, Addison and Brynn, and a son, Ryan. 

Outside of the clinic he enjoys spending time with his family, running, hiking, reading, building, sitting around a bonfire, laughing, volunteering in the community, and anything that has to do with being outdoors.  

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