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Balanced Health

Whether you’re at the beginning of your wellness journey or looking for tools as you continue down your path, we're here to help you feel your best.

Non-invasive Hair and Saliva Testing

At Ultimate Health Chiropractic, we often suggest hair and saliva testing when someone has persistent issues that regular care doesn’t seem to help with or when new problems arise that could be connected to your food, diet, or stress levels. This includes concerns like inflammation, gas, bloating, indigestion, skin problems, rashes, chronic joint pain, and more. This useful tool can create a health roadmap and understand what works well or doesn’t for your body!

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Testing Options Available

We provide different bioresonance tests to understand your body’s needs, giving you the information to begin or continue your journey toward achieving overall well-being and balance.

Full Scan

Our Full Scan comes with a recommended balancing routine crafted to promote overall well-being and address all your bioenergetic health concerns.

Sensitivity Scan

One of our most popular options.. Tailored to reveal your sensitivities to environmental factors and foods, this option screens your hair and saliva samples against almost 350 potential sensitivities.

Balancing Scan

Identify bioenergetic, hormonal, and nutritional imbalances, and get a personalized balancing regimen to address any detected issues with our Balancing Scan.

Dietary Scan

Integrating insights on energetic imbalances in essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids, while harnessing the advantages of the Sensitivity Scan.

Remedy Scan

People react differently to different remedies, this test will pinpoint the most effective combinations of bioenergetic remedies for you.

Prenatal Scan

Designed for expectant mothers, our testing provides a comprehensive analysis of their bioenergetic health, imbalances, and sensitivities. 

Awareness Scan

The Awareness Scan is for anyone looking for a bioenergetic approach to improve mental and emotional well-being and strives for overall balanced health.

Achieving a Healthy Balance

Each person has a unique ideal health balance. When it comes to diet and exercise, our bodies have specific energetic sensitivities and requirements influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and other factors. Our bioresonance testing is crafted to understand your body’s needs, offering information to guide you on your wellness journey towards achieving balanced health.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Becky B
I've been going to Dr. Chad for about a month now and you really couldn't find a more stand-up guy. His knowledge and insight are something I haven't received elsewhere. You can tell he cares and wants you to improve just as much as you do. Very happy to be working with him and would give 6 stars if I could. If you are on the hunt for care, check him out!

Kahlen D.
Dan H
have been seeing Dr. Chad on and off for a few years now, and I always love my appointments with him. He will always meet you where you're at, and is always so willing to help out whether it's being an advocate for your health or your cheerleader as you take on new goals. Thank you for all of your work, Dr. Chad!

Hannah G.
Cathy R
Dr. Chad has become an essential part of my health maintenance program for the last 2 years. I visit every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment to keep my back in good health. Not only is Dr. Chad knowledgeable, safe and gentle, he is caring, compassionate, and genuinely interested in you and your health and well-being. Please make an appointment today and see for yourself!

Cathy R.
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Other Ways We Can Help

Are you dealing with back pain, runner’s knee, whiplash from a car accident, or any other pain? Ultimate Health Chiropractic is the place you can trust for chiropractic care. Dr. Chad is ready to meet with you and talk about how to improve your health. If you’re tired of dealing with pain, stress, and limitations, we’ll work together to create a plan that gets you results fast.


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Payments & Insurance

For patients who choose to pay for their own care, we offer affordable rates that allow access to high-quality care. Just as we take the time to explain your proposed treatment, we spend time discussing the cost as well.

  • Receive “same day of service” payment discounts and wellness packages
  • HSA (Health Savings Accounts) or Flex Accounts cover most visits

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