Chiropractic Products

At Ultimate Health Chiropractic, we have everything you need to take control of your wellness. Our products are carefully chosen to meet the needs of our patients. To learn more about the products offered at our locations or to see if they fit your needs, send us a message or schedule an appointment today. 

Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow – Original

The Chiroflow Waterbase Fiberfill pillow is the only pillow clinically shown in 3 independent clinical studies to improve sleep and reduce neck pain. In fact, in a study at Johns Hopkins University, the Chiroflow pillow ranked best in all 5 categories studied over all other pillows tested.

Chiroflow augments treatment of patients with cervical pain by providing proper cervical support and improves sleep at the same time!

Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow – Memory Foam

The most comfortable, therapeutic sleep designed to have you waking up rested and refreshed. Ventilated memory foam with high airflow pockets allows air to circulate through the pillow and take heat away from head.

Conforms to the unique shape of your head and neck for responsive cervical support and comfort, while the waterbase responds to changing sleep position.

Theragun Relief

Theragun Relief is comfortable and light, making it easier than ever to feel better and relieve pain. It’s our easiest-to-use device, with scientifically proven percussive massage therapy that provides fast and effective relief from aches, pains, tension and stiffness. Designed with strict quality and safety standards, Theragun Relief is an FDA registered medical device. Its patented triangle grip helps get to those hard-to-reach spots and 3 specialized attachments help treat different areas of the body.

Theragun mini

Theragun power, packed into an ultra-portable package to keep you moving wherever you go. Now 20% smaller and 30% lighter, Theragun mini is proven to relieve aches and pains and improve recovery. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled so you can access our whole library of personalized wellness routines in the Therabody app.

Hot & Cold Therapy Reusable Gel Pack

Hot and cold gel packs are versatile allies in combating pain and swelling. As a cold therapy, they swiftly alleviate acute soft tissue injuries and similar conditions by reducing bruising, swelling, and discomfort. When applied as a hot therapy, they offer enduring soothing relief, aiding muscle relaxation and boosting blood flow to facilitate healing.

Massage Chair Sessions

Experience the bliss of a massage chair session, where 15 minutes transcend into the relaxation equivalent of a 60-minute hands-on massage. Our chairs seamlessly envelop multiple areas of your body simultaneously, ensuring a comprehensive experience. To book your session, simply reach out to our office.