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Massage Therapy

A massage that’s specially designed with you in mind to help you move better and feel better.

Advanced Massage Therapy 

Each session is customized with various techniques to suit your preferences, goals, and health condition at the time of your appointment.

Prior to your session Lauren will discuss your preferences before the hands-on portion of your session begins. *Add-ons upon request at no extra charge with the purchase of any length session: cupping, hot stones, hot towels, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, etc. Please inquire if you have any questions about the types of massage therapy, hydrotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, aromatherapy, energy, breath, and body work modalities we offer.

To learn more about hours, rates, and different types of massages offered by Lauren click below.

Have Questions? Get in touch with Lauren:  651-402-7706*
*Text messages are preferred.

Massage Therapy

Meet Massage Therapist – Lauren

Massage Therapy Options Include:

Advanced massage and bodywork

Sports Massage

Medical Massage (auto accident)

Pregnancy Massage

Enhance your well-being and unlock your full potential with a customized massage and bodywork session. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, tension in your muscles, headaches, or a desire to enhance your athletic performance, our expert therapists are ready to help. Book your session today and experience the transformative power of our specialized techniques and personalized care.

Your journey towards better health and optimized performance starts now.

Have Questions? Get in touch with Lauren:  651-402-7706*
*Text messages are preferred.

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