Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points, often described as knots, are tender and painful spots that develop within muscles. These points earned their name because they can “trigger” painful sensations, often radiating discomfort to other areas of the body. Trigger Point Therapy employs targeted finger pressure on these points to alleviate muscle pain and spasms, interrupting cycles of discomfort. Even a single session of Trigger Point Massage can yield noticeable benefits.

At Ultimate Health Chiropractic, we’ve been providing trigger point therapy and chiropractic treatments to residents of Eden Prairie and beyond to help you feel and perform your best.

Benefits Of Trigger Point Therapy

Effectively reduces various types of pain by targeting specific muscle knots. We will diagnose the source of your pain and determine if trigger point therapy is suitable.

Experience improved mobility with trigger point therapy, which targets and releases tension in muscles, enhancing your range of motion.

Address posture issues by targeting tight muscles with trigger point therapy. Complement this with therapeutic massage, Pilates, and stretching exercises for further posture improvement.

Ease post-workout soreness with trigger point therapy, a staple in sports medicine for its ability to alleviate muscle tension and soreness.

Enhance blood circulation and muscle elasticity through massage therapy, a key component of trigger point therapy.

Enjoy reduced stress and improved mental well-being with the calming effects of trigger point therapy.

Get The Care You Need

Let’s work together to craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We’ll target not just symptoms but the underlying causes of your discomfort. Don’t let persistent hand or arm pain disrupt your daily life.

Contact Ultimate Health Chiropractic today to book a session and discover the transformative benefits of Trigger Point Therapy. Begin your journey to a pain-free existence with our dedicated support and expert care. Trust your health to capable hands!

Trigger Point Therapy