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Injured At Work?

Discover why chiropractic care is a good option for treating workplace injuries.

Every year, millions of workplace injuries occur, some severe enough to result in employees being absent from work for extended periods or even permanently. Chiropractic care presents a range of non-invasive treatments that effectively address various symptoms.

Chiropractors are frequently recommended for individuals dealing with work-related injuries due to their high success rates in treating such cases. Swift and appropriate care following a work injury is crucial in preventing further pain and complications. The sooner you seek treatment, the more manageable it becomes to mitigate potential issues.

Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries

Dr. Chad is a trusted chiropractor in Eden Prairie with over 10 years of experience in the field. You’ll be provided with a professional assessment and personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. As a chiropractor who deals with work-related injuries and workers’ compensation, come see us if you’re tired of the pain, stress, and limitations.

Schedule an appointment today and let’s discuss ways to restore your health quickly.

What is workers’ compensation insurance?

Ultimate Health Chiropractic in Eden Prairie is an authorized workers’ compensation office that is fully covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

If you suffer an injury or fall ill due to your job, workers’ compensation steps in to support you. It serves as a unique insurance, offering either monetary aid or medical care benefits. The burden of coverage cost rests on your employer’s shoulders, with no financial obligation on your part as an employee.

In the event of a workplace injury, the mantle of responsibility shifts to workers’ compensation, ensuring your medical bills are directly addressed, with payments seamlessly directed to your healthcare provider.


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How can chiropractic care treat workplace injuries?

Experiencing a workplace injury can be stressful, impacting both your mental and physical well-being. Beyond these immediate effects, the potential loss of income during your absence from work adds an additional layer of concern. Seeking medical treatment and ensuring proper documentation for compensation become essential steps following a work-related injury.

The nature of workplace injuries varies depending on your field of work. For instance, if you spend your days typing in an office, you might encounter issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. In contrast, physical jobs in fields such as construction or engineering can lead to a spectrum of injuries, ranging from broken bones to sprains and strains.

Ultimate Health Chiropractic is ready to deliver personalized and effective care. If you’re seeking a chiropractor in Eden Prairie, MN, reach out today for assistance!


What Our Patients Are Saying

Becky B
I started seeing Chad after I injured my knee training for a race. Right away I was grateful for how friendly and easy-going he is (not a fan of regular Dr appointments with my anxiety). He always has good suggestions and ideas to help my minor ailments as I continue to run injury-free, which I am infinitely thankful for!

Becky B.
Dan H
After a year of video conferencing, I began experiencing intense neck and back pain which was starting to creep into my left arm. I asked my doctor who told me to get rest and use ibuprofen. Next, I saw a massage therapist for deep tissue massage. This helped for a short while, but the symptoms returned 1-2 days after each massage.

Finally, I tried the chiropractic approach with Chad. After 4 visits I felt like my old self again. I've now been pain-free for about 6 weeks and the strength in my left arm has returned.

Dan H.
Cathy R
Dr. Chad has become an essential part of my health maintenance program for the last 2 years. I visit every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment to keep my back in good health. Not only is Dr. Chad knowledgeable, safe and gentle, he is caring, compassionate, and genuinely interested in you and your health and well-being. Please make an appointment today and see for yourself!

Cathy R.
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Payments & Insurance

For patients who choose to pay for their own care, we offer affordable rates that allow access to high-quality care. Just as we take the time to explain your proposed treatment, we spend time discussing the cost as well.

  • Receive “same day of service” payment discounts and wellness packages
  • HSA (Health Savings Accounts) or Flex Accounts cover most visits

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